6 smoking hot marketing tactics

First published in Propel Quarterly Here are the top tactics to be considering for your marketing strategies this year. Proximity Marketing: With technology progressing rapidly, an ever increasing number of your customers will be walking right by your outlet with a mobile device that can be targeted by beacon devices. Proximity marketing allows you to send [...]

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Getting the best out of local marketing

It’s something every multi-site operator has experienced – that one black sheep among a repertoire of sites, the one venue that doesn’t perform as well as the others, with no obvious cause or reason. These sites suck energy and time out of organisations. I know area managers who just dread negative figures, sites not hitting [...]

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The power of content for hospitality businesses

Look at any marketing plan in our sector today and it is almost without question that email and social are the key activity. For a long time independents and smaller savvy groups were taking the lead in this space, truly winning with digital and in most cases leaving the larger groups for dust. This is [...]

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Predictions for the future of the sector

This article first appeared in Propel Friday Opinion on 10th April 2015. “What do you think is going to happen in the pub/restaurant market?” is a question I have been asked four times in the past week. It’s a really interesting question, particularly after Greene King’s deal with Spirit, the new senior management team at Mitchells [...]

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