Restaurant Review: Qbara, Dubai

The UAE’s tourism and population growth is expected to create an almost four times growth in the food and beverage sector, but the short-term scenario is one of an over-saturated market with more new opening than ever before. While the market is predominantly driven by franchised international chain restaurants, there is a considerable demand for [...]

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Great Leadership

This article originally appeared in Propel Friday Opinions 13th November 2015 Earlier this year I saw Alastair Campbell present at the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) conference on winning and leadership. And, of course, he was promoting his latest book. I have to say, I was really impressed with the man. He was funny, honest, self-effacing [...]

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Restaurant Review: Terre à Terre, Brighton

Terre à Terre is one of the most successful vegetarian restaurants in the UK, on a recent trip to Brighton it provided the perfect lunch spot for our leadership team. The restaurant took me back to a dining experience a few years back at Roussillon in Pimlico that held a Michelin star from 2000 to [...]

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TripAdvisor Love it or Hate it

Love it or hate it TripAdvisor is a force that can make or break a hospitality business. For most independent restaurants the site represents an amazing opportunity to grow a reputation and in turn, footfall. Paradoxically, it would seem that it’s something relatively low down the priority list for multi-site operators. The site attracts 41.6 [...]

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