A sense of balance and perspective by Ann Elliott

He will probably be horrified to read his name in this piece but Elton Mouna has just posted a list of his ups and downs and “should have”/“shouldn’t have” moments of 2017 on his Facebook page. It’s a brilliant read and a relevant reminder of how important it is to have balance and perspective in our busy and stressed lives. It was a post that made me sit back and reflect on what I had written as my own objectives for the year ahead – and to change them.

In his list (and I do hope he doesn’t mind me sharing a few of them) he included the following:

“Positive people were a really positive influence on me. I met several.”
“I met some brilliant young business entrepreneurs that made me think differently.”
“I made several good decisions.”

Elton is a modest and charming man. I just love this approach. He is also a very humorous writer with a lovely humble style. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is open about his failings and/or weaknesses. I would like to have cut and paste his Facebook post here but at 845 words I couldn’t – see if you can be his friend instead.

If you don’t know him, Elton is the managing director of Remarkable Pubs (“a collection of quirky, predominately freehold, character filled, wonderful London pubs”) and says on LinkedIn: “Professionally my role as managing director of Remarkable quite simply involves developing people to help them get the very best from their businesses; obtain the best possible terms of supply and stand shoulder to shoulder with our chairman and HQ team as we endeavour to deliver growth.” It’s very straightforward and very self-deprecating.

Reading his list made me think how very easy it is at the moment to be down about the prospects of the sector and to worry massively about costs, supply chain, government legislation, team recruitment etc. These worries can paralyse creativity, proactivity, decision-making and risk taking. They can make some leaders lose perspective – to worry so much they would rather do nothing rather than something.

There are many, though, who do have the same sort of attitude as Elton. They see the positives for what they are and they don’t get hung up on what they didn’t do or didn’t achieve. They get up, get on and make things happen – often quietly. They don’t seek personal recognition and are relentless about ensuring their teams take the credit for success. They still take risks. And they have fun and they laugh (often at themselves). They enjoy life and their spirit of positivity and optimism conveys itself to their teams.

I think this sector is rammed full of people like Elton – people who are building businesses, creating success and doing so with a smile, humour and a sense of balance and perspective. They continue to buy sites, to create new brands and to open new outlets. In this group, alongside Elton, I would include James Birch, at Heartstone Inns; Martin Wolstencroft, at Arc Inspirations; Chris Hill, at New World Trading Company; James Nye, at Anglian Country Inns; Chris Potts, at The Alchemist; Roger Payne, at Camden Dining; David Bruce, at West Berkshire Brewing Company; Marc Francis-Baum, at Barworks; Steve Wilkins, at Little Gems; and Kevin Charity, at Coaching Inn Group. I could go on and on.

Elton’s post made me stop and reflect and to be thankful I work in such a great industry blessed with such amazing people. Happy 2018. You deserve it.

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