Everything you need to know about the latest Facebook updates

It’s been a busy period for social media platform updates – particularly Facebook which announced a whole host of updates at its F8 conference.

Facebook – Rocket Icon

Some Facebook users may have spotted a rocket ship icon on the mobile app. Positioned nicely next to the main news feed icon, the rocket shows users popular trending posts or those with high engagements from people and pages they haven’t liked or engaged with in the past. It’s a way of ensuring content that might be of interest is available to users as well as showing what’s most relevant in a separate feed. This is currently being trialled by Facebook and isn’t available to all users just yet.


Facebook – Ads insights

Facebook has introduced new and redesigned insights for ads: Delivery Insights and Estimated Daily Results. The redesigned Delivery Insights feature now provides in-depth metrics, guidance for interpreting variations in post performances, and trends in an ad set’s impressions, amount spent, results, and cost-per-result as well as auction metrics to explain those trends. Estimated Daily Results is a new feature that will give advertisers estimates on the results they can expect to see in a day, factoring in things like budget, audience, bid amount and placements selections.


Facebook – Fake news Education Tool

In light of the ‘Fake News’ surge in recent months Facebook is doing all it can to help users distinguish real news from the fake. Facebook cleverly partnered with non-profit ‘First Draft’ and rolled out an information source aimed at helping users to spot false news. The tool provides information and tips within the Facebook Help Centre. Top tips include how to identify false news, such as checking the URL or how to investigate the original source. The tool was at the top of News Feed for several days for users in 14 countries.


Facebook – Spaces

Facebook introduced Facebook Spaces, a new virtual reality app. ‘Spaces’ allows users to virtually ‘hang out’ with their friends – as opposed to actually meeting up with them in real life. Users can upload a photo and draw with virtual markers, relive personal memories from their own timeline, make calls to “the real world” using Messenger video calling, and more. Soon we won’t have any reason to leave the house!

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