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Bella Italia | Kids Proposition

  • Restaurant, Café & To-Go
  • Casual Dining Group

CHALLENGE: How do we increase our appeal to the family market?

APPROACH: Family and child-centered focus groups highlighted the need for an improved children’s food and drink offer. We worked with development chefs and the internal team to develop a new children’s menu and highlight opportunities for theatrics in the restaurant to appeal more to families. Once developed we were engaged to publicise the new proposition to the parenting media.

RESULTS: A whole new dining experience based on the philosophy of ‘first-food-fast.’ Elements included free breadsticks, adult in dishes in DC-sized portions, free drink refills and a family-led service approach. The subsequent publicity campaign resulted in over 50 pieces of coverage of the children’s proposition across national, regional and online media. mumsnet Innovation award!

TESTIMONIAL: “elliotts have done an amazing job for us. We look forward to working with you on an ongoing support role going forward with new projects.”
Nick White, MD, Bella Italia