Restaurant Review: Burger & Lobster, Bath

I recently spent a long weekend away in Bath with my partner, exploring all the typical tourist attractions and most importantly exploring the best bars and restaurants Bath has to offer.

One of the best meals we had during our stay was at Burger & Lobster, a restaurant we’re all aware of but to my dismay I’d never had the chance to try.

I was also incredibly interested to see what I’d argue is Burger & Lobster’s first venture into a non-major city – with no disrespect to Bath intended! Burger & Lobster has sites in London, Manchester, Cardiff, New York and even Stockholm, with Bath a dip in the water of regional expansion.

The venue

Opening its doors to the public late last year as Burger & Lobster’s 13th restaurant, the venue has given a new lease of life to the Bath’s old Ocatagon Chapel, a church frequented by the likes of Jane Austen, right in the centre of Bath. If you had a map of Bath and had to pinpoint where you’d put a restaurant, it would be here.

The venue set a very chilled, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Tanks of Lobsters – soon to be dinner – lined the walls and the ground floor booths were centred around an impressive circular bar which had a wide range of cocktails and classic drinks on offer to start the dining experience – class and theatre personified and a great way to bump up spend per head before the customer has even picked up their cutlery.


One of the talking points surrounding Burger & Lobster is the lack of menu at the restaurants or online. In response to this questions, their answer is simple – ‘We serve burger or lobster – take your pick’. It’s a principle that works great with the time-conscious crowds in London and NYC, where single-item menus are really on trend, but would it work in Bath?

After being shown to our table our waitress gave us ‘the spiel’, filling us in on the food on offer; Lobster, Lobster rolls, Burgers or a combination. Each is £20. However, the end of her shift may have been approaching, as she sped through the options, combinations and cooking style choices. I get that the offer is simple, but I do wonder how many customers are going to understand the concept at this kind of pace.

It’s overwhelming and a lot to process at once, and it could have led to panic/pressure ordering. We ended up ordering a combo for two at £60- which included a burger, complete with all the trimmings and half a grilled lobster, fries, salad, a choice of butter sauces topped off with a dessert each.


Once the drinks, bibs, condiments, tools and eventually the meals arrived, the table started feeling rather cramped. Thankfully the food did not disappoint! Both the burger and lobster were delicious and so very fresh. The potion size was generous, proving a difficult decision to know where to start! The quality and freshness of all elements could not be faulted.

The desserts were a choice of two, so we ordered one of each – a Snickers Mousse and an Apple Crumble Cheesecake. The presentation left a little to be desired – basic papery pots that I guess have been designed to match the overall theme. That said, they were scrumptious and a great way to end the meal.


Overall I was impressed and would definitely go back again for a special occasion. The atmosphere and food were superb, leaving us stuffed.


Written by Alex Crawford, Account Executive

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