The power of content for hospitality businesses

Look at any marketing plan in our sector today and it is almost without question that email and social are the key activity. For a long time independents and smaller savvy groups were taking the lead in this space, truly winning with digital and in most cases leaving the larger groups for dust. This is far from the case now. It seems that every CEO or Marketing Director we meet with at Elliotts are investing heavily in building an audience for their brand, giving them a platform to communicate directly with their customers.


In the digital world, where everything can be tracked, it can often seem that numbers are everything. Whilst I agree that the data is important, the KPI’s have to be right and measuring the correct aspects. Looking over digital strategies, all too often the emphasis is on fan acquisition and building email newsletter sign-ups. What’s missing? Any mention or measure that pertains to the other key element of digital – CONTENT.


Having an amazing fan base and not working equally as hard on the content you are sharing is like taking out a front page advert in The Guardian and not worrying about the artwork. It’s a waste of an amazing opportunity.


To best engage your audience you need content that is timely, relevant and worth taking note of. All too often the emails I receive from big brands in the sector are nothing more than an offer. In essence an advertisement in an email. Ask any marketing professional if editorial coverage or advertising is better and you’ll be sure to be told editorial. With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking more like a journalist and less like a traditional advertiser.


Before doing any work on a social or direct marketing strategy first you need to create your content strategy. This should overview three distinct areas; your consistent weekly content mechanisms as a base to your activity, key campaign content and then seasonal content themes that help to fill the gaps.


Written by: James Hacon, Managing Director

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